Hackers Leaked Millions of Passwords

Hackers Leaked Millions of Passwords
Hackers Leaked Millions of Passwords

If you haven’t even changed your password on online platforms for several months, change it immediately because your password can be leaked at any time.

A report released by cybercrime data provider ‘Spyware’ has claimed that the passwords of 721.5 million users were leaked on online platforms in 2022.

However, in addition, the virus was found in about 22 million devices.

The report said that 72 percent of the users whose passwords were leaked are still using online plates without changing their passwords.

Internet users were warned to change their password immediately to avoid password leaks in the future, especially those who have applied the same password to all online platforms.

According to the report, 167,000 leaked passwords were apparently related to the death of the British royal family and Queen Elizabeth while another 327,000 passwords were linked to American singer Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny.

People who use the same password on multiple online platforms or websites are more prone to password leaks because hackers can easily access all their data.

Keep in mind that when creating a new password on any online platform, keep in mind that the password must include numbers, and special characters (i.e. @,#,%).

Users are also advised to use the option of two-factor authentication in online platforms where possible.


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