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Why Shopping For Pet Crate Mats Online is Worth It

Crate mats offer comfort and a personal space for your dog to rest. They also encourage crate training and help deter destructive behaviors or accidents while traveling. Find a crate pad that matches your pet’s personality and needs. For example, if you have a rescued or shelter dog who eliminates in their crate, work with a trainer to address the behavior and then add a crate mat.


Crates offer a safe, comfortable place for dogs and puppies to relax. They also serve as useful training tools for wiggly, chewing, or aggressive pets or help shelter dogs adjust to their new homes and environments. However, many crates’ hard plastic floor pans are uncomfortable on paws and claws. Crate mats add a soft layer of comfort to make the crate feel like a den, allowing pets to relax more comfortably.

Designed to be durable, pet crate mats available on websites like Chewy.com protect floors from scratches, spills, and other debris. Some crate pads can absorb and contain:

Water or urine.

Making them an ideal choice for traveling pets.

Incontinent dogs.

Homes with drafty rooms.

They’re also easy to clean, requiring only occasional machine washing or simply hosing off with a hose.

Available in a variety of fabrics, textures, and sizes, dog crate mats are the perfect addition to any kennel, cage, or home. For extra protection from chewing and scratching, look for a pet crate mat with a waterproof or anti-skid base. For added comfort, try a padded mat made with Sherpa or other plush materials for a cozy resting place.


Crate mats must be sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of crate time. Some crates are made of wire, so any bedding must be designed to withstand the strain of being chewed. Thankfully, many options feature durable constructions, especially for large breed dogs needing extra joint support.

Other crates are made from fabrics that resist damage and stains. Some even offer water-resistant features that prevent liquids from penetrating the fabric so that pet parents can quickly clean up any accidents. Choosing a crate pad with this function is a good idea for pets like puppies and seniors prone to accidents. One option is this reversible crater bed, which features an insulated layer on top of a waterproof layer. This allows you to flip the bed from warm to cool in the summer and back again when the weather turns colder. The pad is also available in a camo pattern, perfect for hunting breeds and other outdoor pups.


If you are concerned about the environment, several pet crate mats are made from green or eco-friendly materials. These are typically made of recycled materials safe for dogs and cats. They are also often biodegradable, which means they can be broken down in the environment without causing any harm. You can also find eco-friendly crate mats made from natural materials like bamboo.

In addition to making your dog’s crate more comfortable, a crate pad can help protect your home’s flooring. This is especially true if your dog is prone to chewing or has accidents in their crate. Even crate mats are designed to be waterproof and absorb urine or water, making them ideal for traveling pets or incontinent dogs.

Another great thing about crate mats is that they are usually easy to clean. Most can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge, which makes them simple to maintain. You can also find crate pads made from a fleecy material, which adds to the comfort of your dog’s crate. These are often more expensive than standard crate mats, but they can make your pet’s crate more enjoyable and keep them warm.

Easy Cleaning

One of the main reasons to have a crate mat is that it makes cleaning messes much easier. If you don’t have a mat, urine or other liquids will soak the crate flooring and be hard to scrub. With a crate mat, the liquids will pool on the crate mat and be easy to wipe away. This is especially useful if you have a puppy or a pet who may make occasional messes in their crate.

A crate mat can also make the floor of your dog’s crate feel warmer. This is important because dogs are den animals who tend to prefer small, enclosed spaces. A warm crate mat will help your pet relax and sleep more soundly in their crate.

Some crate mats can even be machine-washed for easy maintenance. Having a crate mat that is machine washable is especially useful for puppies and pets who are often messy or have accidents. A crate pad made of a waterproof material can be even more helpful because it will repel water instead of soaking it in, making it easier to rinse and clean. Some crate mats have helpful extra features, such as chew-resistant or an anti-skid bottom for safety and stability. Some crate mats are even designed to be odor-resistant.



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